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What some of our clients and associates say about SoulJuiceTV

VitaleLife (Formerly Sowleu Naturally Different Fitness & Wellness)

When Devi came to me I was in such a mess and I was just at my wits end. Devi’s great abilities with organising, simplifying and most importantly systematising my business and financials saved everyone time, created less room for errors has ultimately saved me hard earnt money…. she has been well worth the investment. Someone said to me once that “the poor man pays twice” and they couldn’t be more right. Systems and proper financial management is something in my business that I will never skimp on again and Devi has helped streamline and improve my business operations. And she’s almost as out there as our yoga teachers – she’s a very holistic operator and a great asset for our prospering wellness centre.

Rudran Brannock, Founder Of The Joining Gathering

Devi from SouljuiceTV did all our Youtube and Video Marketing and production for our 2010 and was instrumental in helping our event book out 6 weeks before it began. This is the first time this has happened. Devi worked well with the committee and I found her to be efficient and open to our needs as clients. She showed us the importance of the emergence of video viral marketing as the major force in internet advertising. I recommend her work heartily and have great expectations for the future of SouljuiceTV

Johnnie Cass :: Toolkit Solutions & Stonemen Classy Undergear

International Speaker and NLP trainer (Universal Events & Chris Howard and now with Unlimited Success) :: I’ve worked with Devi since 1997. She’s given her loyal assistance and guidance to help build and grow my global coaching / speaking business by supporting me with building and refining the biz bones, such as financials, systems and legals. She’s a passionate, capable, ethical, reliable and exceptionally skilled online business-woman ….with superb abilities with systems, information management, entrepreneurialism and online video marketing. I KNOW I can trust Devi from SoulJuiceTV … she is all heart, balanced with a brilliant mind, and has great artistic technical savvy.

Sam La Rocca :: The Change Agency – Social Change Consulting

I’ve felt so much more relaxed having Devi assist me with my financial and business management.  Devi has gone beyond the call of duty to offer advice and let me know about useful services that can help our organisation grow sustainably. Devi is highly efficient, responsive and well-organised which is exactly how I want my business to run. Thanks Devi.

Sheryl Duruz :: Raw Pleasure Soul Foods

(Unsolicited) It’s great working alongside you too and we look forward to working with you in 2008 and refining the whole process so it’s a joy for us both :) – who would have thought financials and systems could be a joy: (And another unsolicited) Piers says to say thank you and that he LOVES you working with us. For the first time ever any mention of finances makes me smile!! Have I told you how beautiful “Spirit in Business” is… the whole concept is just gorgeous and makes me stop and think every single time. Thank you!

Santi :: Marginal Media  & Profetismo – Spiritual, Environmental & Social Media Productions & Youtube Ninja

(Unsolicited) You are a very careful person with your affairs. It is easy to see how dedicated and thorough you are towards your customers. Chapeau Devi!