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We help new and existing Offline and Online Business with Video Marketing, Social Media, and Healthy Lifestyle Living.

We like to call ourselves the “Ethical Eco-Friendly Biz Folks With Soul”.

We offer a range of services, particularly Video Marketing. For many, getting going, let alone getting online is an overwhelming job, so SoulJuiceTV aims to make it fast and simple and easy and delivered with integrity and power and passion. We work hard to source and analyse the current online world, tools and products that are available and pick out only the best ones, which not only work but are trustable. See our professional Playlist of productions here

We also like to guide people on how to be happy and healthy in their business, and their lives, so that this supports their ability to serve and succeed.


Founder of SoulJuiceTV


Born in Sydney, Australia, Devi’s father was an exceptional business man, community member and networker, and her mother a glorious homemaker and artist of many sorts. Having 2 elder brothers, she was brought up with a very wide variety of experiences in all aspects of life and in a very social community, way back before the net was even thought of.

Life was good, amazing even, but something was always missing….

Devi left school early to study Fashion, and then became an acrobatic dancer, working professionally with a reknown theatrical organisation for a while before venturing into the world of hospitality, working with many top shelf Sydney restaurants. She then ventured into the mainstream business world.

Having started her first job in retail sales and customer service with a series of major retail outlets in Sydney Australia, fashion and hospitality then added that artistic flavour and was a perfect starting point for her love of people and getting things done… albeit colourfully …. starting in the retail sector, ending in the corporate sector.

Devi started this next chapter in Retail Management with a major music supplier (winning awards for “Best Australian Store”) and topping the charts with her budgets and sales records, while having lots of fun and success. She then studied Art Photography, winning awards and working as a Professional Photographer for weddings and functions.

The next step for Devi was into the back end of biz, into Biz Management, where the engine runs, and where the serious work began… Devi became an Office Manager, which evolved into the corporate world of Human Resource Management, Accounting and Payroll Management …. numbers numbers numbers – systems systems systems ….  all vital and valuable skills especially relating to big biz, big systems and big numbers.

But something was still missing …..

And then …. Devi awoke from her deep sleep and started her own inner journey of awakening, healing and personal development after a long period of deep grief, stress and ill-health as a result of a tragic event in her teens …. thankfully her illness started her on an intense journey into Natural Therapies and alternative healing, embracing many extraordinary and powerful modalities, herbs, therapies and yogic practices to help “wake up” and detox, physically, emotionally and spiritually….. this was quite a challenge while still working in corporate, but it did happen.

The Universe provides …..

After this very fervent period working in corporate Sydney, while awakening and healing, the blessing of a redundancy kick started her outer journey into the unknown, traveling alone around the world, studying more Metaphysics, Meditation, Yoga, Thai Massage and more. She lived in ashrams, visited holy folks in New York, India and Germany, stepped into Pakal’s tomb (twice) in Palenque Mexico and spent weeks sitting on pyramids, mountains and beaches delving deep into the soul and many esoteric texts and teachings. She also found herself and found her passion and her path.

Back to the West …. Back to mainstream ….

On return to Australia, after nearly 2 years of exploring and awakening, Devi awoke to the world of being her own boss with a Healthy Biz Lifestyle and set up a new life and community as a Biz Consultant in Brisbane Australia primarily working with Ethical, Organic, Wellness, Arts and Environmental industries working with many fabulous organisations, from new small startups to large established organisations – please see the “Clients & Testimonials” page for more details.

Devi adores using video and photography for business and marketing, you can see her, and her work on her youtube channel named SoulJuiceTV.

So what’s in it for you?

Now, having fallen in love with her life, Devi is ready and able to share all her gifts, skills, treasures, passions and more online here, with you. To get these gifts, just subscribe to this blog … in the opt in box on the right, and they’ll be delivered to you.

We are so keen to share the journey, gifts, skills, tools, wisdom and fun factor helping you create a life you love and that works….. a biz and / or a lifestyle you love, with soul and which serves YOU as well as the planet.

Please feel free to subscribe, or find us on Facebook (where we mostly hang out) or Instagram … or contact us to discuss your business or lifestyle needs.